Authority Not Exercised Breeds  Trouble

Authority Not Exercised Breeds Trouble

Bible Reading: Psalm 82:4-7

Memory verse: Psalm 82:6, “I said, ‘You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High.”

When a person in a position of authority refuses to exercise the authority given him, people under him will run rampage and wreak havoc. Think about what happened in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were supposed to be in charge of the garden, giving instructions to the animals, but they rather took instructions from the serpent. This has resulted in Satan fulfilling his mission of stealing, killing and destroying. If we do nothing about it, God can not intervene. This is the case with most children of the Most High God called Christians in our time. This is mostly as a result of ignorance of our position. Just as Eve and Adam didn’t understand that they were like God; allowing Satan to deceive them into disobeying God and becoming subject to him, so also is our generation. Our basic scripture above, Psalm 82, is from the Old Testament, and Jesus alsoquoted it to the people in John 10:34. This situation is very relevant in our time.

There is a clarion call going out to our generation of believers to wake up to the new man, which is divinity clothed in vessels of clay.

When we received Jesus (John 1:11-12), we received the power to become the sons of the Most High God, joint heirs with Christ in the kingdom of God. This inheritance is not for the sweet by and by but starts here and now

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