Be A Water Walker

Be A Water Walker

Bible reading: Matthew 8:23-27

Memory verse: Mark 4:40, “But He said to them, ‘’why are you so fearful?... How is it that you have no faith?’’

Jesus handled storms differently from most of us. Check out the stories in the gospels. He was either sleeping, walking on them or automatically getting himself to his destination. Yes, he rebuked storms. I noticed that the rebuking was to help his disciples. Jesus couldn’t be stopped by storms. Unlike him, the disciples were filled with fear and couldn’t get anything done whenever they faced storms. This was because their eyes were fixated on and overwhelmed by the storms. Their eyes were taken off Jesus and his words to them. When Jesus said, “Let us go to the other side”, he intended that they should get there not drown in the raging sea. When you believe the word of God more than the information your senses feed you, you will not be shaken by what is happening around you. From today start to see your storm as a “none entity” as far as the Word/promises of God are concerned and watch yourself walk on water.


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