Continuous Exposure to the Word  Produces Faith

Continuous Exposure to the Word Produces Faith

Bible Reading: James 1: 22-26

Memory verse: Genesis 30:41, “And it came to pass, whenever the stronger livestock conceived, that Jacob placed the rods before the eyes of the livestock in the gutters, that they might conceive among the rods.”

The only way Jacob could ensure his animals gave birth to spotted babies was by exposing them to images representing that outcome. The flock didn’t realize what Jacob was doing to them. This also works with human beings. I will call this involuntary or passive exposure. Whatever you passively expose people to continuously will eventually affect their outcome. Some examples are friends, television, music, books, internet and social media. Our generation gets an overdose of the last two at a very tender age. We see children as young as three years already having uncensored access to the internet. These things are subtly influencing mindset and most times negatively.

If you want to be strong in faith, surround yourself with things and people that will both passively and consciously pump faith around you. You will eventually produce the right results effortlessly. Grace and peace.

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