Daily Devotional

Daily Devotional

Nugget of Truth: Apart from the Holy Spirit we can do nothing

Bible Reading: John 15:1-8

Special Verse : Jeremiah 10:23

Lord, I know that the path of [life of] a man is not in himself;
It is not within [the limited ability of] man [even one at his best] to choose and direct his steps [in life].

   In John 15:5 Jesus clearly said that apart from him we can do nothing. The man Christ Jesus who walked the streets of Jerusalem has gone back to heaven and is seated at the right hand of God. Before Jesus left he promised to send the Holy Spirit to help us and abide with us forever. The Holy Spirit is the representative of the God Head on earth today and the implication is that apart from him we can do nothing. This means that without him anything we do by ourselves will have no eternal value.

   For a successful life, we will have to take hold of the hand of the Spirit and go where he leads. The fellowship with the Holy Spirit is the key to a great life and fewer costly mistakes. Just as Mary sat at Jesus' feet while Martha ran around doing chores. The Holy Spirit is urging us to sit in fellowship with him, let him teach and instruct us in the way we should go. Spending time with God, makes life less expensive and  stressful. Life gets very busy but this habit should never be negotiated. It should be the very first thing on our to do list.  

   Earlier in my walk with God I did it legalistically but today, I do it because I love God and know that I am in trouble without communion with him. How sweet it is to be in love with the King of Kings and lord of Lords.

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God wants to direct our lives.

Stella N jack

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