God is Not Responsible for Evil

God is Not Responsible for Evil

Bible Reading: James 1: 12-19

Memory verse: Job 40:8, “Would you indeed annul my judgment? Would you condemn Me that you may be justified?”

God spoke these words to Job at the end of his ordeal. The problem is that when we go through stuff we don’t understand, we conclude God put the trouble on us and without realizing, discredit his nature of being a good GOD. We also make God a liar by blaming him for something that is contrary to his word. If God goes against his word, the earth will disintegrate because it is held together by God’s very words.

It takes humility for us to take responsibility for what goes on in our lives. If someone is sick or dies prematurely, it is not God’s fault. We live in a fallen world and have an enemy who is waging war on us. Bad things happen by omission or commission. God is not responsible for evil he is altogether good. Always remember that if it is good it is God, if bad it is the devil.

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