God’s Favor Out Ways Sin’s  Consequence

God’s Favor Out Ways Sin’s Consequence

Bible Reading: Daniel 1: 1-9

Memory verse: Daniel 1: 9, “Now God had brought Daniel into the favor and goodwill of the chief of the eunuchs.”

Living in a fallen world means that sometimes we will f ind ourselves in adverse circumstances brought about by other people’s poor choices. These might be as a result of your children, spouse, colleagues or even government’s poor choices. That is no reason to play the victim because you have the abundant grace of God available to you. There are many examples of people who found themselves facing trouble because of the choices of others in the Bible.

Joshua and Caleb spent 40 years in the wilderness because of the children of Israel. Joseph was sold as a slave by his 10 brothers and Daniel was exiled in Babylon because of the Israelites. In spite of the calamities faced by the innocent ones in these cases, they never played the victim or let anything get them down. They fixed their eyes on God’s promises to them. As a result, they all excelled and experienced the favor of God in all they did. These stories are in the Bible for our instruction and give us hope in unsolicited troubles.

Always remember that these types of troubles are not a surprise to God. If he gave you a promise knowing that they will come, all you need is to trust him to perform what was promised.

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