God’s Love is Unfathomable

God’s Love is Unfathomable

Bible Reading: Genesis 3:8-11; Romans 5:8

Memory verse: Romans 5:8 (NIV), “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

We understand better how God desires to relate with us by looking at how things were in the beginning. What did He have in mind when He created man, and how did He relate with Adam and Eve? He created man because he wanted to have a relationship with him. He also gave man the whole creation to control and dominate. Our human minds do not fully grasp the vast power and riches He has made available to us. It is only someone who loves you that can do such for you.

He also gave man the ability to love and fellowship with Him freely. The first people created were so conversant with God that they would hear His footsteps in the garden. When they ran to hide because they were ashamed, God called out to them. He also killed animals to make clothes to cover their nakedness. Furthermore, He sent them out of the Garden of Eden, so they wouldn’t eat of the tree of life and live foreverin a dysfunctional state. He also set a plan of redemption for mankind. He continued to talk to them, although they never asked for His forgiveness. What great love God has for humanity. He didn’t have to forgive man for the original sin, yet he did. Do you know that He forgives us for His name’s sake? You can rest assured that God is not throwing you away and turning His back on you because of your sin. He never goes silent on you because you sinned. He is rather reaching out to you and doing His best to catch your attention. Because Jesus died and paid fully for your sins, you are forgiven. He is simply an amazing, loving father. If only we will grasp the extent of His love!

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