It is a Privilege to Die for Christ

It is a Privilege to Die for Christ

Bible Reading: Philippians 2

Memory verse: Philippians 1:21, “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

During a shooting in Oregon, United States, some of the people who were fatally shot were targeted because they were Christians. The news had it that the gunman asked them to stand up if they were Christians. Before shooting them, He told them, one after the other, that they were going to meet with God shortly. Although this was a senseless slaughter, let us learn from these college students who even in the face of death would not denounce their faith. They all woke up not knowing they were going to be martyred for Christianity. It is also worthy of note that, although people feel that many Americans have turned their backs on Christ, especially in the colleges, there are several willing to die for Jesus. Think about how heaven rejoiced to receive these ordinary students who gave their lives rather than be silent or deny our Savior. I want us all to remember that this is a dangerous time to be a Christian. But remember live or die is a win-win situation for us who know Jesus, so take courage and stand for Christ.

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