Main Purpose of Prayer should be  Communion

Main Purpose of Prayer should be Communion

Bible Reading: Psalm 91

Memory verse: Mathew 6:10, “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Many people see prayer as what we do to get God to do something for us. We are of the impression that we must ask for everything before we can receive them from God. Consider your life, and take a stock of all the good things you never asked God to give you, yet He graciously blessed you with them. God daily loads us with benefits, even when we don’t ask.

Yes, the Bible instructs us to ask, but this shouldn’t be the main purpose of prayer. Prayer should be primarily a time to commune with God, and seek the establishment of His will in our life. He is able to exceed our expectations. He wants our lives to be heaven on earth as we behold His face in prayer, and get changed daily into His likeness. More things start to fall into place supernaturally than we can comprehend. We will no longer fret about anything because we are confident that He has our back and loves us fiercely.

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