No Adversity Can Hinder God

No Adversity Can Hinder God

Bible Reading: Psalm 18: 29-43

Memory verse: 1 Corinthians 16:9, “For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.”

Every door that God opens for you leads into God’s will. God’s will is beyond your human comprehension. These are things you can’t accomplish by yourself. They are always bigger than you. That is why you face oppositions. Imagine the forces of darkness standing by the open doors refusing to let you come through. God never intends that you fail in the endeavor.

However, the word he speaks, based on which you take action is what will help you overcome adversity. Keep your eyes fixed on the word and continually confess the promise. Understand that God’s word is as powerful in your mouth as in his if you believe what you are proclaiming. Refuse to accept defeat. If you will stand your ground, your mountains of opposition will become a level ground. Keep walking on that word.

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