Nurture the Seed of God in You

Nurture the Seed of God in You

Bible Reading: Matthew 13:31-32

Memory verse: 1 Peter 1:23, “The kingdom of heaven is the place where God rules and is reproduced. This is found in all born again believers, in their spirit man. Like a seed it has been planted in our hearts as children of God. This kingdom is planted in us as the incorruptible word of God through which we are born again. It is the seed which Jesus uses the mustard seed to illustrate in this parable.”

We have the responsibility to nurture every seed of the word deposited in us. Like all seeds, without nurturing it, it will not grow in our lives and produce fruit effectively.

When we nurture it by the renewing of our mind with the word, it grows into a mighty tree and takes over our lives. We will then become a blessing, producing fruit and being a source of refuge to the world around us. Are you nurturing the kingdom within you?

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