Righteousness; by Faith Not Works

Righteousness; by Faith Not Works

Bible Reading: Hebrews 11: 1-6 Memory verse: Ezekiel 14:14, “…even if these three men—Noah, Daniel[a] and Job—were in it, they would deliver only themselves by their righteousness, says the Lord GOD.”

Have you ever wondered why Noah, Daniel, Abraham and Job are called righteous in the Bible? A casual reading of the Bible Day leave you with the impression that the did everything right. That is far from the truth. Why this cannot be true is because the Bible clearly states that there is no one righteous no not one (Romans 3:10). T he whole thing looks like there is a contradiction but it isn’t.

On our own, no one is righteous but faith in God is what makes us righteous. In Hebrews 11 you see the account of people who obtained a good report of righteousness with God. It wasn’t based on their moral behavior but faith in God. Without faith, believing that God is God, and your God you will never be counted as righteous before God. That is why we are told to believe in the name of the Lord Jesus and we shall be saved.

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