Take Stock of What You Watch

Take Stock of What You Watch

Bible reading: Psalm 101:1-4

Memory verse: Psalm 101:3, “I will set nothing wicked before my eyes: I hate the work of those who fall away ; it shall not cling to me.”

Recently, I overheard some seven year olds playing and one of them was supposed to be a psychic. When asked where the heard the word or what it meant, they couldn’t remember. Later, one said it was in a cartoon -Rugrats. Innocently, they don’t know the evil behind psychics and what the Bible says about them.

When children grow up being conditioned to think that psychics and witches are not anti-God, the the likelihood of dabbling in them is higher. This is what I call conditioning. Most adults are ignorant and too busy to find out the real messages behind what is being piped into their homes from the television.

The strategy of the enemy is to slowly and surely influence our thinking from a very early age. Consider the average 21st century child (computer/internet generation) and how insensitive they are to the things of God. Finally, it is time to take a critical look at what soul food your family is feeding on through the media because believe it or not it is greatly affecting their spiritual growth.

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