The Faith Walk

The Faith Walk

Bible Reading:1 Kings 17: 1-16

Memory verse: James 2:17, “Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”

All that we receive from God is based on grace and faith. However, the only way we can truly have living faith is when we add commensurate action/work to it. The work/action that is required in faith is doing whatever God instructs you to do. It follows that a life of faith demands following God’s directions at all times. For every faith project you embark on, God will instruct you on what to do for you to have a manifestation.

A good example is the case of Elijah. He had faith that God would take care of him as the draught kicked in. For this to happen, he had to obey God’s instructions. God told him to move from the Brook Cherith to the widow woman, who was to feed him. Had Elijah not obeyed, he would have starved to death because the brook dried up and the ravens stopped bringing him provisions. His provision was waiting for him at the place of obedience (widow’s house). When Jesus hung on the cross he said “It is finished”. He paid it all, but our acts of obedience to the voice of God will direct us to our wealthy place. God will not relocate our blessing to our place of rebellion or disobedience. This is why it is important to hear and understand God’s instructions at all times.

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