The Holy Spirit Empowers Us

The Holy Spirit Empowers Us

Bible reading: Acts 1:1-9

Memory verse: Jude 1:20,“But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit.”

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not just about receiving the ability to speaking in tongues. Secondly, speaking in tongues has numerous benefits which have been overlooked and as a result we have short changed ourselves. When we are baptized by the Holy Spirit, we are endured with the power of the Most High God to be effective witnesses. Jesus promised that signs will follow us and that is the truth. It is our responsibility to expect miracles as we proclaim the message of the gospel. The place of speaking in tongues is that it helps us communicate best with God along with building our faith.

Speaking in tongues is also the key that unlocks the other spiritual gifts because it edifies(charges) us up. An uncharged cell phones is useless even if it is brand new. When we know some of these basic purposes of the Holy Ghost baptism and speaking in tongues, we will be more willing to speak more often. I encourage you to speak in tongues with these benefits in mind and see the difference it will make in your walk with God.

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