Works of Righteousness Matter

Works of Righteousness Matter

Bible Reading: Titus 2:1-13

Memory verse: Ephesians 2:8, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.”

I have noticed that if you are a “grace preacher”, and you quote this scripture, people tend to think you are excluding the importance of works in the Christian life. That is not the case. The truth is that works are important not for salvation or making heaven, but to fulfill your eternal purpose on earth. If you disagree, please answer this question: Can an unbeliever do enough good works to qualify him to enter heaven? Can a believer in Christ commit enough sins to send them to hell? The point here is that the answer has to be the same for both questions. The truth is that your act of sin does not send you to hell but your rejecting Jesus does. Honestly speaking, any true believer in Christ does not desire to wallow in sin because if he really understands the grace of God, he will say no to ungodliness and every evil work. In Titus 2:11, notice the word “teaches”, meaning it is a process which takes time, but you must submit to the teaching process to learn.

It is not my high standards that saved me, but I maintain them to bring glory to God and point people to Him. That is the difference. It is time for the church to unite as one, and embrace the truth of salvation. It is the understanding of the grace of God that beautifully transforms the lives of people. It is not grace that gives people liberty to sin, people already commit sin with or without permission. There is only one gospel, and that was what Paul preached - the Gospel of Grace.


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