You Have a Certain Future  in the Word

You Have a Certain Future in the Word

Bible Reading: Psalm 119: 105- 112 Memory verse: Matthew 24:3, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”

My future is secure even in this uncertain word The written word of God has been in place since before the world began. It was written in eternity; it was written in Christ who is the word of God. When you anchor your life in this Word, you will stand secure no matter the billows that roll in the turbulent world we live in.

Our society wants us to believe that the word of God is outdated and doesn’t answer all problems of our age. God is unchanging so is his word. If I choose to grow in the knowledge of my God, get to know the love of God the Father, the grace that Jesus offers me and the fellowship in the Holy Spirit, then nothing will be able to stop me.

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