Your Challenges Don’t Define You

Your Challenges Don’t Define You

Bible Reading: Ephesians 1:2-9

Memory verse: Genesis 17: 5, “No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham, for I have made you a father of many nations.”

God told Abram all this when he was 99 years old. He disregarded his age and told him he was already a father of many nations. For us as children of God, all the promises in Christ are settled and past tense. God is not doing any new things because it was already finished in Christ. Every part of the Bible written after Jesus rose from the dead talks of what has been given to us. Every blessing has already been made available to us in Christ. This is why our mindset when we pray should be to receive what is ours. Also, realize that although Satan sends difficulties your way to hinder you from experiencing the blessings, from God’s viewpoint, they are opportunities for you to lay hold of the great things he has provided for you in Christ. So, when you have a challenge, don’t let it define you. Quit focusing on them and keep your eyes fixed on his word and watch miracles happen.

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